Inspiration comes in many shapes

Some of the things that inspire me - to be happy, to be satisfied, to create new things, to go to work or to just be - are the littlest things.

A big latte with some crackers and a book in my favorite spot in the garden.

The North Sea (or any sea or ocean for that matter - this one happens to be near by).

The smell of white laundry drying in the sun.

Coffee and cake with my love at Mandelahuisje overlooking Het IJ.

The sea of sunflowers on Museumplein. 

Watching my son playing with water in the beautiful garden of the Rijksmuseum. One of Amsterdam's best kept secrets...

What are the things that inspire you?

Spring flowers - May

Here is a selection of flowers that I photographed on my daily walks in May. Again I used no filter and I did not edit them. I keep being amazed at the quality of the camera in my iPhone. I hope you enjoy them too!

Vondelpark Amsterdam

Vondelpark Amsterdam

Vondelpark Amsterdam

Vondelpark Amsterdam

Vondelpark Amsterdam

Derde Kostverlorenkade Amsterdam

Vondelpark Amsterdam

Jacob van Lennepstraat Amsterdam

Frans Halsstraat Utrecht

Curacaostraat Amsterdam

Vondelpark Amsterdam

Vondelpark Amsterdam

Hoeve De Pippert Ophemert

Hoeve De Pippert Ophemert
Please do not copy or share my photos without my permission!

Introducing: wool sculptor Irina Andreeva

While browsing for felt creatures on Pinterest, I bumped into the amazingly talented Irina Andreeva. She is a Russian artist who makes unique woolen sculptures of mostly little girls and cats. She uses natural colors, lots of greys, that contribute to the pure and somewhat melancholy emotions of her creatures. 

Unfortunately all her social media are in Russian, so I can't tell you more about her than you can see for yourself when you browse through her photos.

I am not sure about her technique. She must be starting the sculptures by dry felting them. But there are some pictures online where she soaps the surface and rinces with water. It would explain the smooth surface.

I am curious to see if she uses wire to support the structure. As you can see in one of the photo's, the dolls are quite big.

It is an absolute inspiration for me to look at these pictures and I only feel more compelled to keep working on my own dolls.

Copyright Irina Andreeva

Fourth drawing inspired by Marie Antoinette

After Jean-Francois Janinet, Marie Antoinette (1775)

I remember sitting in front of a mirror and trying to do my hair like she had. How do you keep it up that high? How do you make those perfect rolls on the side of your head? And the grey... Why did even young girls have grey or white hair? I would use talc powder and cover myself in clouds of sweetness.

A new serie of drawings inspired by Marie Antoinette

After Jean-Etienne Liotard, Portrait de l'archiduchesse Marie-Antoinette d'Autriche a l'age de 7 ans (1762).

 I visited Versailles for the first time when I was 7 years old. That overwhelming palace with its enormous gardens and park was the most beautiful place I had ever experienced. I remember the statues in the Fall light. Golden brown leaves. A soft breeze. The sound of rustling skirts. I remember marble busts with elegant curls. I remember the gold and the candles of the Hall of Mirrors. I remember dancing with my cousin. I remember smiling the whole time. 
 "She was beheaded," said my stepfather. Marie Antoinette has been with me since then and I have read almost every book that has been written about her life. She continues to fascinate me.