Fonty in Creuse

Not only do I love wool - also cotton by the way - but I LOVE yarn. Last year, when we were in France (like we are pretty much every year), I bumped into Fonty yarn in a little store in Uzès. I discovered Fonty is based in the Creuse departement where I grew up and were we love to return to for family holidays, like this year when we were staying here.

We took a few wrong turns, but made it to the factory near Auzances. On Wednesday the factory outlet is open and sells yarn for €25 per kilo. Beautiful merino in every color and texture.

We also got an idea of the spinning mill. My kids were mesmerized by all the machines.

Big spools turn into little skeins.

Amazing space.

Pure white strings waiting to be dyed.

Spools... lots of them.

It's hard to not get greedy.

My husband is holding on to my stash.

And my son is showing how much it really is. But I know how quickly it goes when I start crocheting a blanket or a shawl.