Making a felt doll

Last week I started working with wool and a needle. A sweet face grew in my hands. I draped some soft wool around her head to see what she would look like with hair.
Then I created a hand. You can see the needle I am using to prick the wool into a firm shape.
Little by little her body is coming together. 
It's very difficult to make two identical hands. Wool kind of has a mind of its own. Hard to control. I just have to let it happen.
Her legs and body before I started to work them into felt. 
Wonderful surprise! She can stand on her own.
I gave her beautiful soft long hair. And now I am working on how to style it.
After working on her for three days in a row, I decided to leave her like this for awhile to see what will come to me next. I am too afraid to 'overwork' her.